Springing Ahead!

The clocks have turned forward and the snow is starting to melt. I have rides on the bike path on my mind; along with Farmer’s Markets and flip flops! Living in the Northeast has lots of perks, but the long winters, in my opinion, are not one of them. When the Holidays are over, I’m ready for Spring!! And everywhere you look on Social Media, it IS Spring in February, but we got like 3 more months of winter up here! lol

We’ve gone to the Shows and have ordered all of our Spring and Summer goodies, and we have LOTS of good stuff coming in! But the ski crowds will dissipate and our little town will be extremely quiet for the month of April and some of May. So I always push our ship-dates up to May, June and some July for goodies to start rolling in.

We brought in a couple new lines and I’m thrilled to have them. Our lounge wear pieces have been flying off the rack. And our Beekman products, I just can’t say enough about them. I LOVE them, use them daily and even have my husband using the Fragrance Free Soap . Lots more goodies to come; I’ll be posting them all on Insta soon enough!

Speaking of Instagram, that is my little happy place where I type freely and feel I get my thoughts across the best. This whole “blogging world” I’m unsure of, so just taking baby steps with it. What do you want to hear about? My personal, day to day life? Cause my life isn’t all that interesting! I LOVE my life, don’t get me wrong, but to start writing about it….eh. Guess I’ll have to do some research on “blogging” but I’m not so sure I’ll ever become a full time “blogger”. I’ll stick with Wifey, Mama, Dog Mom and Shop Owner :)

Cheers to the weekend, my friends, we’ll see ya next time around! XO