Leaf Peepin'

Today was an iconic, traditional fall day here in Vermont - what is fall like where you live? People are going crazy for our little town this weekend, there must’ve been 25 people at the Covered Bridge near our house today. Crazy! Yes, we get to drive over that quaint little bridge everyday, peeps! They look at you in awe as you drive over the bridge while they’re snapping away. Driving down Main Street there was a crowd in front of the Church next door to us, yes, a crowd. It truly makes me feel super special that I get to call this place home. I’ve known for 15 years now that I love it here, but every year at this time I “fall” just a little more in love :) No but really, if you haven’t visited Vermont in the fall - it is a MUST. There is no other place I rather be this time of year! Ask me again in February….and well, I’ll probably say “take me to the beach!!!”.

We spent today at a soccer tournament, and then we had a Thanksgiving dinner at my family’s house. A little early? Maybe. But why not? Tomorrow we have flag football and that is it. I will be home doing laundry after that and sorting our winter clothes for the upcoming season. What fits, what will get donated and what will get handed down….it’s a job I dread every year, but it must get done!

I’m thinking of baking an apple pie tomorrow too….Sundays are perfect for cooking, and as the weather gets colder I cook more and more. Follow along on Instagram to see the end result!

Happy Fall, y’all!!