August 1st

August?  What?!  August 1st always reminds me that it's time to almost start thinking of Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and I only say that because you hear about them and see them everywhere, I don't actually LIKE them), pumpkins, apples, cider, falling leaves, tall boots, sweaters and more.  Oh, how I love fall.  I DO love sweaters, boots, and falling leaves though!  Fall in Vermont is simply breath-taking.  The mountains light up and look like they're on fire.  The sunsets get even more beautiful and the weather is *fingers crossed* usually spectacular.  Our busy Main Street is bustling with "leaf peepers" hopping on and off the bus, strolling up and down the street, cameras in hand and ready to capture the perfect shot.  Being right next door to the most photographed Church in New England definitely has it's perks - and Fall is one of them.  The crisp white steeple up against a backdrop of golden hues is spectacular.  

We've had a great summer at the store, and we turned 2 on June 10th!  We have visitors from all walks of life from all over the world, and I love meeting each and every one of them.  I wish I was in the store 7 days a week; I often think about all the things I'm missing out on when I'm not there.  However, when I'm there, I'm ALWAYS thinking about what I'm missing out on at home; with my family, my children.  It's been a real struggle for sure, to balance life and work.  I'm always working, as we ALL are these days.  We have the tip of the world in our hands and at our fingertips, so we're always quickly replying to emails, texts, etc.   Heck, I placed most of my Christmas orders while out at the lake today.  BUT - I often tell myself, in 10 years my kiddos will be teenagers and have full calendars of social events some of which Mom and Dad will be invited to and some of which we will not.  My STORE, however, will still be there, waiting for my full attention.  I'll gladly work 7 days a week!  I love my store, I love everything about it; but I don't want to regret 'not spending enough time with my children while they were younger' someday.  

The kids are in bed and I have a few last orders to finish up, I'll write again soon.


Jumping in to the World of Blogging

Why, hello there world!  People often ask me where I get my motivation from for my Instagram page, and how do I know what to say on there.  Truth is, I just talk.  I type as I just talk, and at the end I wrap it up with a "goodnight folks" or something along that line.  Basically, that's what I'm going to do here, is just talk!  I just turned 37, am a Mom of 2, a wife and a business owner.  That's my life in a nutshell.  Just about everything I do throughout my day falls under one of those categories.  I'm snuggling *mom*, I'm re-ordering for the gadget wall *business owner* or I'm talking real estate with my husband *wifey*.  

Graham and I met in 2004 while he was playing professional hockey and I was working at Planet Dog in Portland, Maine.  Boy, those were some fun years - young, carefree, and nothing to worry about except what we were going to do that night for dinner.  Of course getting paid to be an athlete is always a heavy weight on your shoulders but he loved every second of it, spending his days at the rink and his afternoons playing video games with his teammates.  The good ol' days!

Jump ahead a few years, and here we are living in Stowe, Vermont, raising our 2 awesome kiddos, loving our life in the mountains.  An opportunity came along to purchase a beautiful storefront on Main Street in our quaint little town so we jumped on it.  It's not often something comes for sale on our little street, and I'm so proud to have brought our building back to life!  

It's 7am and time to get the kids going for school - so, until next time friends!