USA Pan Large Cookie Sheet
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USA Pan Large Cookie Sheet

USA Pan Large Cookie Sheet

$24.99 Incl. tax
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With its innovative design, our Non-Stick Large Cookie Sheet provides a quick release for sliding your freshly baked cookies from pan to cooling rack. Read more.

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Product description

Our large cookie sheet is just what you need for a marathon holiday cookie session or weeknight family dinner. The large surface area gives you plenty of elbow room for any size cookie recipe. The flat surface lets your delicate cut-out cookies slide right off the pan and the tapered edge makes gripping the pan a breeze as you take it in and out of the oven. Use this large cookie sheet for toasting, browning, or cooking any number of non-liquid, non-greasy recipes. Made of aluminized steel, our baking pans conduct heat evenly to turn out consistently perfect results. The unique corrugated surface design does more than texture the bottom of the cookie. The ridges enhance warp resistance and create even air circulation so your baked goods and cookies brown and bake evenly. And your perfect culinary creations will slide right off that pan, not just because it is rimless, but because of our proprietary nonstick coating, Americoat. Prized in professional bakeries and test kitchens, this silicone coating releases food and cleanups up like a dream.

Our Nonstick Bakeware Features

  • Our large cookie sheet is a flat pan perfect for making stunning, flawless cookies
  • The tapered edge is easy to grip with an oven mitt as you slide your baked goods right off the side of the bakeware with ease
  • The fluted bottom adds texture to your baked goods while aiding in even air circulation and strengthening warp resistance
  • Your recipes will also slide off easily thanks to our Americoat, food-grade safe, nonstick coating
  • Baking Surface Dimensions: 17 x 12.25 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 1 inches
  • Made in the USA



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USA Pan Large Cookie Sheet
Large Cookie Sheet
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