Here in Vermont it still looks like winter outside, but we are already dreaming up spring dinner ideas and baking projects we're eager to make—and eat—as soon as spring shows up.

From cheese and vegetable tarts to spring green power juices we have everything you need to kick off the season and make it as yummy and colorful as it can be.

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When Cristina’s husband retired from professional hockey in 2014, they made his hometown of Stowe, Vermont, their home. It was here that Cristina fell in love with the old run down building that used to house “Lackey’s General Store”.

Lackey’s was an old-fashioned Vermont country store that sold film, magazines, and a meeting place where folks who enjoyed the soda fountain would gather for over 50 years. Cristina had always dreamed of owning her own warm, welcoming, & cheerful store...

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